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What should I do after Birmingham car accident?

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been behind the wheel; a Birmingham car accident is always possible. Even if you have had a wreck before, it doesn’t mean that you’re any more prepared now than you were in your last crash. Every car accident is unique, it never happens the same way twice, and we understand that. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to resolving this disaster in no time.

Always remember to stay calm. Even serious accidents that might result in serious injuries or fatalities go through the same resolution process. As often as this course for resolution can seem overly simple, it’s the clear way to handle the claim, and initiate a fair evaluation of evidence, before you fight for rightful compensation. That’s where having a Birmingham car accident attorney can come in handy.


As with most issues, you should start by taking a deep breath and forgiving the situation a little. It is easy to jump to extreme conclusions that the other person is responsible for or feel guilty that you might have contributed. Usually, drivers are wrong. When you’re behind the wheel, you have one perspective on the crash, and it is definitely incomplete. You don’t know how fast the other person was driving. You don’t know if they hit you on purpose or simply weren’t paying attention.

So, before you step out of the car to start getting information, take a moment, and accept that accidents happen. Now some certainly aren’t accidents but start by giving this person the benefit of the doubt. You, by no means, have to apologize. In fact, you shouldn’t ever apologize after a wreck. But, if you start to resolve this process with the mindset that it could have been a genuine accident, the crash site work could be much easier.

That said, you need to do something that not everyone does. Call the police. Birmingham police won’t respond to every single call. But, calling them to notify them of a crash can get you to help at the crash site and document the incident with a police report.


These three small steps are critical in handling your case, and if you don’t do them right away, you could walk away with no compensation.


Take a moment and evaluate the state of the scene. Is everyone okay? If not, do they need immediate medical attention? Can the vehicle still operate? Can you safely get off the road?

If anyone is hurt, stop here and contact for EMS. Communicate to the other driver and see if anyone in their vehicle is injured. Injuries and harm take priority over the next few steps.


Always exchange basic information with the other driver. That includes your driver’s license number, phone number, address, vehicle information, and insurance information. But you’ll need to get all of this same information from the other driver as well.

If you were too injured to do this, then it’s likely that all of this information will be available on a police report that you can request.


Equip yourself with strong evidence. Take pictures of everything on your phone, not just the car damage or injuries, but the street, weather conditions, intersection setup, and more. If anything seems like it could be evidence, collect it.


Don’t make the mistake of calling and chatting with an insurance rep before you talk to an attorney. Insurance reps are pros at getting people to make statements that compromise their ability to get compensation. With proper legal guidance, you can make an insurance claim while also protecting yourself.


Finding a reliable attorney for any car accident claim can be rough. Not only do you want someone that you can contact easily, but who will happily answer your questions, and aggressively pursue your case. That’s a hard blend to find nowadays. But at the Mike Bell Firm, our team works together to ensure that each attorney has all the skills necessary to thrive. As Birmingham car accident attorneys, we know that there’s no letting up in your fight.

Your attorney may have to fight and prove that you can’t take partial responsibility. They may have to contact witnesses that you didn’t know contacted local police. When looking for a reliable, Birmingham car wreck law firm, call The Mike Bell Firm and meet with one of our team. You can discuss your case, and we’ll help explain what we will do for you.

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