How To Avoid Car Accidents In Birmingham

How To Avoid Car Accidents In Birmingham

car accidents

Car accidents are often disastrous in effect. Even where the victims escape alive, they still have to deal with vehicle repairs and medical bills. Therefore, knowing how to avoid vehicle collisions is paramount. Fortunately, the causes of car crashes are known. Furthermore, many times, collisions are man-made. So, people can reduce the occurrence of car accidents if they change certain behaviors.

The relevant actions would involve taking precautions and avoiding certain driving habits. Whatever happens, if you survive an accident in Birmingham, you need a Birmingham car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you get through the aftermath of the crash.


Below, we discuss steps and precautions that can save you from car crashes.


One primary way to avoid car accidents is to obey all road usage rules and regulations. For example, relevant laws include speed limits, traffic lights, wearing your seat belts, etc. The government enacted these rules to protect road users. Therefore, disobeying them is a sure way of causing car crashes.

Moreover, even if you aren’t the cause of the collision, disregarding some rules can increase your losses in an accident. For instance, you may sustain worse physical injuries if you don’t wear your seat belt while driving. Consequently, the more severe your injuries, the higher your medical bills will be.


A significant number of road users get into accidents because they were distracted while driving. Cell phones and other mobile devices are the primary culprits in these cases. Holding a mobile device in one hand, as many drivers do, and handling the steering wheel with only one hand is a recipe for vehicle collisions. If you must take a call while driving, it’ll be best to use a hands-free device such as a Bluetooth headset. This way, your hands stay free in case you suddenly need both of them.


Some drivers drive so close to each other that any sudden stop by one of the vehicles results in a crash. However, this practice is unsafe. Instead, there should be significant space between two cars on the same lane. Furthermore, vehicles on opposing lanes should also maintain healthy distances to prevent side brushes. The most likely accident type that results from this driving method is a rear-end collision. They occur when a car behind hits the one in front.


Many car crashes occur at night, and the reason is apparent. There’s no natural light at night, so it’s harder to see even with the vehicle lights. Furthermore, many drivers are coming back after having a long day. Also, many people drive under the influence of alcohol at night.

All these conditions can result in various types of car collisions. So, a sure way to avoid crashes would be to stop driving at night. If possible, get on the road long before it’s too dark to see clearly. Furthermore, if you’re intoxicated, call a cab to take you home.


Safe driving requires more than personal carefulness. Even if you take all necessary precautions, a careless driver can still ram into you. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor people driving around you. If you spot a reckless driver in the process, it’ll be best to move far from them.

Furthermore, such monitoring helps put you on guard against accidents. For instance, spotting a speeding driver from afar can help you swerve quickly to avoid a collision. So, it’s clear that your car’s side and rear-view mirrors are indispensable.


A car that’s in bad shape will disappoint you at the worst times. For instance, faulty brakes won’t let you brake fast enough to avoid a rear-end collision. Furthermore, worn tires can also fail you mid-driving.

Therefore, routine vehicle checkup and maintenance is vital. Regular maintenance will help you notice faults before they happen. Also, as your car’s parts get old, it’ll be best to fix them. Important things to change include tires, brake pads, vehicle oil, seat belts, loose screws, etc.


We cannot confidently say that everyone who has suffered accidents didn’t take the steps above. It means that no matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. When they do, you deserve compensation from the fault party. First, however, you’ll need the best car accident lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama, to represent you.

Our lawyers at Mike Bell Injury Law Firm will prove that you exercised due care while driving. Once we show that you weren’t at fault, it’ll be easy to claim the maximum compensation for your losses. So, why not call us today for a free consultation on your case.

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