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Not receiving the correct diagnosis about a health concern is something an Alabama cancer misdiagnosis lawyer is accustomed to handling. Unfortunately, we entrust doctors with our wellbeing and never want to imagine that they could make a mistake. It is important for patients to be aware of the signs that their cancer diagnosis could be wrong, so that they can get a second opinion and proper care. If you suspect that your doctor gave you a cancer misdiagnosis, then please contact Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC as soon as you are able. This is a serious offense that should be dealt with swiftly and while ensuring the best interest of the patient’s health. We are ready to take your call. 

Signs of Cancer Misdiagnosis

Patients are encouraged to document how they are feeling each day, especially in the form of journal entries. This can be a useful way to show how your health has changed throughout your diagnosis and treatment. As an Alabama cancer misdiagnosis lawyer would suggest, it is wise to seek a second opinion from another doctor at another facility just in case there are discrepancies between both conclusions. This can point to a doctor making a mistake in regards to your diagnosis and/or care plan. Signs of misdiagnosis can include scenarios such as: 

  • A treatment plan that is not logically or medically congruent based on the patient’s symptoms
  • A patient’s treatment for the diagnosis has not improved the symptoms
  • The doctor makes a diagnosis or offers treatment based on the results of just one test without performing other diagnostics 
  • The doctor disregards or ignores certain symptoms expressed by the patient
  • The doctor fails to provide appropriate testing based on symptoms 
  • The patient has observed a lack of communication between medical professionals within a medical facility, or across other facilities

Cancer Diagnostics and Testing

Cancer misdiagnosis often happens when a doctor fails to investigate symptoms, identify symptoms, or perform diagnostic testing. Cancer symptoms can be more difficult to identify, since it does not have a set pattern or presentation. But it is the duty of the medical professional to provide the patient with a thorough examination, explanation, correct diagnosis, and suitable treatment plan. The most common methods for identifying cancer include diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing, endoscopic testing, and genetic testing. The doctor must have ordered x-rays, computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, or positron emission tomography (PET), depending on what is appropriate for the patient’s case. Laboratory diagnostics may be required and can entail the testing of bodily fluids or tissues, such as urine, blood, or tissue samples of growths. Specifically, biopsies are quite common in which a tissue sample is collected and then observed by a pathology laboratory. 

Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC

An Alabama cancer misdiagnosis lawyer understands that cases of medical malpractice and misdiagnosis can be complicated. Receiving unwanted medical news does not automatically mean that a misdiagnosis has happened. There must be evidence that shows a doctor was negligent or made a mistake, which directly led to the harm of the patient. However, if you suspect that something just isn’t right with your case, listen to that feeling and contact Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC without hesitation. We can investigate further into your concerns to see if malpractice is the culprit. 

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