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There are times when a group of people find out that they have actually sustained similar injury or loss due to a common offender, and getting support from an Alabama class action lawyer is a wise next step. If there’s a common denominator between numerous peoples’ claims that all point to a person or entity being responsible, it may not always make sense for all of these to be handled on an individual basis. With that being said, it may be appropriate to file a class action lawsuit when several victims have been impacted in the same way. Through these means, injured consumers can recover financial repayment for the harm that a powerful company or large corporation inflicted on them. Class action lawsuits are different from other types of litigation, since they factor in the claims of multiple victims. If you have questions about submitting a class action lawsuit, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC today.

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When big companies harm big groups of people through negligence, it can seem as though there are few repercussions for their behavior. It appears as if these powerful companies can fill the environment with toxins, put people’s lives at risk, and continue to manufacture dangerous drugs without consequence. Those who have been harmed by a company may be outraged at the fact that to these companies they are small, but the damage done to their health and lives is significant. An Alabama class action lawyer understands the anger and frustration that people can have when they are injured or suffer financially unfairly. The core belief of our law firm is knowing that innocent people who were unjustly affected should be given restitution for how their lives have changed. Even with that, a monetary award may not be able to undo the damage done. So for many people pursuing a class action lawsuit, it’s about obtaining justice and hopefully a substantial monetary award that allows them to have more support than they did before. 

Legal Insight and Guidance 

Those who have an impact by a company or other entity may suspect that they are not alone in what has happened to them. When filing a class action lawsuit, there is a lead plaintiff or plaintiffs who will essentially be the representation of everyone else in the group. There is no limit to how many people can participate in a class action lawsuit, permitting that they have the same complaints with the same defendant. To have grounds for joining a class action lawsuit, a person must have issues that are common to all the other class members, such as monetary loss or injury. If you have questions about filing a class action lawsuit, please contact Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC so that we can learn more about what has happened to you and whether other people have been affected too. Our Alabama class action lawyer is ready to hear from you. 

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