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When you lose a loved one, there is no such thing as too much advice. Many people believe they have learned how to deal with all of the suffering and pain associated with this type of loss. Unfortunately, many individuals discover that they are not fully prepared for a situation where they lose a loved one due to wrongful death. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you may discover that you were mistaken in terms of what you had assumed.

It can be quite shocking to lose a loved one, especially when it is the result of a wrongful death case. This is why it is critical to have a Hoover wrongful death lawyer help you overcome these difficult times. With assistance from an attorney who has extensive experience handling wrongful death cases, it can help you obtain the justice that your family deserves.

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The State of Alabama says that a wrongful death claim can be filed if the deceased person lost his or her life while they were still inside the state border of Alabama. However, if an incident took place in a different State, a wrongful death claim only can be filed in the State that the death occurred. According to Alabama’s wrongful death statute, a wrongful death claim only can be raised by the deceased person’s estate administrator.

It is never easy to deal with settlement issues since many family members tend to disagree on how the assets of the estate should be distributed. These types of conflicts can waste a lot of time. It is important to not forget that there is a statute of limitations in place that determines who long you have to make your claim. Also, there is an even shorter deadline when you are filing a claim against a city or county.

The State of Alabama only awards compensation in wrongful death cases for harsh damages. This action is not taken in order to provide the accuser with compensation but to punish the party that is liable for such terrible actions and also to discourages other people from making this same mistake. Your wrongful death claim’s value will depend on your case’s fact in addition to what the main cause was for the wrongful death incident.


Here at the Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, we understand how challenging and difficult it can be to deal with a wrongful death claim. This is why we give our clients support by providing them with the legal support that they need for overcoming such cases and situations. We also have many years of experience dealing with wrongful death claims and lawsuits. So contact us today so we can help you receive justice for losing your loved one.


The State of Alabama says that a wrongful death case only exists when a person loses her or his life due to an omission, negligence, or a wrongful act. If the victim survives, then she or he can file a personal injury claim.

The definition of an act of negligence is the failure to respond in the proper manner of care when faced with a specific situation. So, when you are filing this type of lawsuit, you must supply evidence that demonstrates that the accused party could have prevented your loved one’s death if not for their negligent behavior or act.


Alabama law states that only a person who is close to the deceased individual or who maintains her or his rights may file a wrongful death claim. The person may also be a named estate in the deceased person’s will or a named representative.

Although only a specific party can file a wrongful death claim, compensation may be awarded to anyone that is named as a beneficiary.


Whenever you lose a loved one, it can be very hard to focus on other things since all you feel is grief at the moment. However, you must file a wrongful death claim within a certain time period that is stated within the statutes of limitations.

The statute of limitations in Alabama requires you to file a wrongful death claim within a two year period starting on the day that the deceased person lost her or his life. However, that time limit is reduced to six months if the claim is made against the State. So, to ensure that you adhere to this legal requirement, it is essential to get assistance from a legal representative. This is why we recommend that you contact the Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers for legal guidance on what you need to do.


Alabama’s death laws are unique compared to the laws in other states. This is due to the fact that Hoover, AL, does not allow anybody to file for compensation when a wrongful death case occurs. In other states, this normally occurs, where a deceased person’s family member can seek damages for economic loss, which includes the cost of medical expenses and burial, as well as non-economic loss.

It is also important to understand that compensatory damages and punitive damages are not the same. Punitive damages are applicable when an accused person is punished for wrongful death, and for discouraging future cases of this type. However, it is important to understand that those claims are actually awarded to the state and then used for covering medical bills as well as other expenses.

Prior to a victim’s death, he or she also can file a claim. This is called an act of survival. With these cases, victims receive compensation for recoverable damages, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damages.


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