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How Much Is My Case Worth In Alabama?

There is a reason why insurance adjusters are known for encouraging individuals not to obtain legal representation. Injury victims that have an attorney on their side will, in most cases, obtain much higher compensation compared to the victims who accept an initial offer from an insurance company. The insurance companies work hard on trying to convince victims that their injury case will not be worth disputing, yet this is not true.

There are no set rates when it comes to compensation for personal injury cases. When you decide to hire an attorney they will ensure that every possible aspect is covered when it comes to your reimbursement. We also find it important that you receive the necessary medical attention and treatment so that you can start recovering. This might include rehabilitation and lost pay.

The main responsibility of any personal injury lawyer is to assist you in trying to achieve maximum compensation along with working out a value that is fair on the claim. This includes presenting all the facts which will compelling support the case.

There are no foolproof formulas, and this is why every claim will require personalized attention that is provided by a highly-skilled attorney. A few of the factors that we will take into account when we conduct our calculations include:

  • The extent and length of your treatment
  • Personal hardships that you are facing due to the incident
  • Suffering and pain
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills

Along with these factors, a personal injury attorney in Alabama should also take into account proof-of-liability, damages, and causation. If there were any witnesses for your accident, the attorney may use this to their advantage to help prove you were not at fault should the case proceed to court.

When you first meet with your personal injury attorney, they will usually talk to you about a “compensation goal”, and the range of settlement offers that you should expect. Many personal injury cases are settled quickly when the insurance providers offer settlement options regarded as reasonable.

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