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Your Alabama Negligent Security Attorneys

There are many ways that negligent security can happen, which may lead to serious injury or death, and help from an Alabama negligent security lawyer becomes warranted. These incidents can occur on commercial or residential property, whether privately or publicly owned. Examples of places where negligent security may occur can include bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gas stations, schools and universities, factories, hospitals, workplaces, shopping centers, banks, and apartment buildings. If you suspect that poor security is what led to your harm, then contact our team at Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC as soon as you can for assistance. 

About Negligent Security 

Property managers, owners, lessees, or negligence security could all be responsible for the injuries you or someone else suffered because of an attack or assault on someone else’s property. You could potentially sue the at fault parties and receive compensation for how you have suffered. Incidents of crimes that may have resulted from negligence security can include mass shootings, robberies, battery, sexual assault, and murder. Depending on the property, there may be various degrees of safety requirements. As your Alabama negligent security lawyer may explain, negligent security can entail untrained or unqualified guards, lack of security cameras, malfunctioning camera equipment, doors that cannot be locked, broken gates or fences, missing or inadequate lighting, and no alarm or defective alarm systems.

Property Owner Liability

Property owners and business owners could be liable if they do not offer proper security and then a person who visits or resides there suffers injury, damage, or death on their premises. Property owners actually have a duty of care to keep people reasonably safe. By implementing basic security measures, it can help prevent foreseeable dangers like an assault, an attack, or armed robbery. Those who have been injured and are considering taking legal action have to be able to prove that the property of the owner owed them a duty of care, and that negligent security caused their injury. As our legal team recommends, taking action promptly after an incident like this can make all the difference in the outcome. If you wait too long, you risk essential evidence being removed from the premises. If you want to know if your situation even warrants legal action, our team is ready to answer that for you during a consultation. 

Call Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC

If another’s actions caused you to incur injury and financial loss, then the at fault party should be prepared to compensate you. However, as an Alabama negligent security lawyer has seen, all too often property owners or others who are responsible for public safety fail to hold themselves accountable. Many people and businesses want to avoid losing money so they may attempt to avoid paying fair compensation to those injured on their property. If you are currently dealing with an issue such as this, then please contact Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC immediately for further guidance. We can schedule a consultation to learn more about what has happened, and what to do next. 

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