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Nursing Home Neglect

Our Alabama nursing home neglect lawyer knows that cases of nursing home abuse and mistreatment are rarely simple. But you can trust that our team at Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC is going to do everything they can to see that your loved one is removed from harm and that the offender is held accountable for their actions. We understand that there are often many factors and nuances involved with cases of nursing home neglect. These situations are more complex than other types of personal injury claims, which is why we strongly encourage people to recruit a legal team that has handled these cases before. If you need assistance right away, please contact our team so we can come to your family’s aid. 

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

There are times when nursing home mistreatment can be difficult to detect. But in other cases the abuse is obvious and cannot be refuted. It is important for relatives of nursing homes residents to keep a watch out for their loved one and to take action swiftly if there are warning signs of mistreatment. Some of the most prevalent signs of neglect and abuse at a nursing home include falls, bedsores, complaints of thirst or hunger, unexplained wounds, abandonment, infections, possessions mysteriously going missing, and over medication. Nursing home staff have to monitor residents at all times. Bedsores, otherwise referred to as pressure ulcers, commonly develop for those who are bedridden or immobile. Complaints about being hungry to thirsty may not automatically mean neglect is happening, but be wary if you hear your loved one express this repeatedly or signs of dehydration and malnutrition are present.

Residents should never be abandoned or left to wander the premises alone. Wandering, or elopement, usually occurs when a nursing home staff member has not been attentive. As your Alabama nursing home neglect lawyer may warn, family members should be concerned if they notice unexplained wounds, like bruises, cuts, broken bones, or other injuries. Nursing home residents typically have a nightstand or other places to store items and possessions. When these start going missing, it could be indicative of theft, often on the part of nursing home workers. While the thought of intentionally overmedicating a patient in order to make them more cooperative seems unthinkable, it can happen. If you notice that your relative is not acting like themselves it’s worth inquiring about their medications.

Getting Help For Senior Mistreatment

The senior community deserves to live out their remaining time in peace, and should not have to worry about being the victim of nursing home abuse, neglect, or mistreatment. Loved ones must watch out for their relative’s best interests and speak with a lawyer if they notice something isn’t right with their care. It can be emotionally difficult to imagine that your cherished person is being abused while under the care of those who are supposed to treat them kindly. But it does happen. If you are suspicious about your senior relative’s care, contact an Alabama nursing home neglect lawyer right away. Our team at Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC is ready to take your call. 

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