I-59/20 Racing Turned Deadly

Back on March 9th, a race on I-59/20 resulted in the death of Octavia Nicole Johnson, just 20-years-old.  The crash happened just after one in the morning, near Fairfield Authorities. Johnson died one day before her 21st birthday.

Johnson was in a vehicle when it struck another car and departed from the road, landing on a surface street below the interstate level. She was ejected from the vehicle and was found nearly 50 feet from the car. Johnson was given emergency transport to UAB, but died at 2:31 am as a result of her injuries. Johnson was the passenger in the vehicle driven by Keanjra Maddox.

Keanjra Maddox, a 22-year-old Birmingham resident, was driving a ’98 Chevy Camaro and was racing when their vehicle was hit by Kevin Lamar King, who was also racing. It seems that both drivers tried to navigate the curve in the interstate and couldn’t handle it. Both cars left the road, Maddox and King sustained injuries.

After a thorough review, Alabama Troopers concluded their investigation and decided to arrest King on May 5th. He was arrested, made bond, and then released from Jefferson County Jail. Now, state troopers are looking for Maddox. The arrest happened as quickly as could be expected. When you have two clear individuals who may both be at fault and one victim, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who was responsible.

Maddox has outstanding charges for manslaughter, for the death of Octavia Nicole Johnson. Maddox is at large, and anyone having information should call local authorities. Maddox is held as equally responsible for the homicide as she participated in the street racing, lost control of the vehicle, and was operating at deadly speeds. The death of Johnson was tragic and unnecessary. State Troopers see the extreme results of street racing far too often.

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Source: https://www.al.com/news/birmingham/2020/05/1-jailed-another-sought-after-race-on-i-5920-in-birmingham-leads-to-crash-death-of-young-woman.html

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