The Role Of An Expert In An Injury Case

The Role Of An Expert In An Injury Case

You’ve been injured through no fault of your own. Now what? The immediate concern is for medical treatment, but you also will require financial assistance during this difficult time. A personal injury law firm can help guide you through the difficulties of the legal system to receive the compensation you deserve.

You may have been injured in an auto, trucking, or motorcycle accident. You may be hurt on-the-job or due to the defective design of a drug or medical device.

If there is an at-fault party that contributed to your injury, we can help you present the best case most likely to bring a resolution in an attempt to make you whole.  

Having experienced legal counsel in your corner is especially important as we navigate through this coronavirus pandemic. The courts have limited hours and social distancing guidelines, and some insurance companies are looking to take advantage of the situation by dragging out injury claims and pressuring financially strapped victims to settle for far less than they deserve.

Now more than ever, the Mike Bell Firm – Birmingham is here to provide the legal guidance you need during this difficult time. Contact us today for a free consultation to get the process started.

Preparing Your Personal Injury Case

Once you are injured through the negligence of another, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit under Alabama law.  This is the statute of limitations and if you file outside the two years, you will not be able to file a lawsuit. 

Time is not on your side. That’s why a complimentary consultation is such an important first step to resolving your injury.  

We will help map out a strategy that includes finding the right medical care, gathering police and witness reports, photos, medical reports, and hiring the right experts to help explain to a jury exactly what happened to cause your accident.

This is an essential component of a negligence case. We will need to explain to a jury how the defendant, the side you are suing, was negligent to the extent that it caused your injuries.

The Expert Witness

Let’s say you were injured by a big rig. This is happening a lot more these days as truck drivers are overworked and scrambling to meet unrealistic deadlines to keep the stores stocked with essential supplies.

What caused the accident? Let’s say the driver of the big truck drove through an intersection against the light and hit the rear of your car. Your car is totaled, and you and your passengers suffered injuries from the collision.

When we hire an expert, we will qualify him as an “expert” on the basis of his/her qualifications, expertise, and experience. The expert will be someone with a professional opinion to communicate to the jury with authority about the factors of negligence that caused the accident.

His knowledge will help clarify to the jury truthful insight when there are disputed matters.  

A number of different experts might be brought into the case, depending on the facts, evidence, and specific circumstances:

  • A Medical Expert – Can help explain to the jury your soft tissue injuries and the pain and suffering you are enduring as well as the treatment you will need.
  • An Accident Reconstructionist – This individual will help explain to the jury how the accident happened breaking down the series of events that led to the collision and pinpointing the at-fault party. We may find that the intersection was especially dangerous and has been the scene of an unusual number of collisions. Perhaps the timing of the lights is not adequate or the visibility at the scene is inadequate. An accident reconstructionist can create for a jury a picture of the probable cause of your accident.
  • A Life Care Plan – In the case of a seriously injured person, they require a life care plan expert who estimates what it will take to properly care for you for the rest of your life. This expert is usually certified in the area of life care planning. He or she will be able to testify about your future medical costs including surgery, rehabilitation, housing, medication, and related costs of your injury. 

This is important information that a jury will need in rendering its decision and in awarding you damages.

Bringing an expert into a case will be expensive, but it can be an invaluable move to help the jury understand what the facts show with authority. Ultimately, an expert witness may never take the stand but will instead render an expert report that lays out the facts of the case in a way that makes them indisputable.

When you are facing injury and loss from an accident and you believe it is not your fault, please contact the Mike Bell Firm – Birmingham at (205) 666-6000. Our attorneys have experience in all areas of the law and we can help guide you during this stressful time. Call us for a complimentary consultation to review your case.

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