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What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need For My Auto Accident Case?

Have you ever been an auto accident victim? If you have, you understand too well how horrible a situation that is. First, you’d have to recover from your shock fast enough so that you can do the right thing.

Next, you must call 911 for medical assistance and then call the police. After reaching the police, it’s always wise to put a call through to an attorney as fast as possible. Whether you’re the at-fault driver or not, a lawyer will do a lot to help you keep out of trouble.

However, it’s not enough to call just any attorney. For the best shot at helping your case, you must contact a qualified auto accident lawyer. Not doing so will be equivalent to calling a dentist for brain surgery.

This leads to the question: what kind of attorney is best qualified for my auto accident case? We’d let you in on that in this article.


Not every auto crash case needs a lawyer. First, if you’re not the driver at fault and don’t intend to claim compensation, you don’t need a lawyer.

Here are three other scenarios where you may not need an attorney:

  • Your Injury Is a Minor One: Not all car accident injuries become severe. Sometimes, you can walk out of a crash scene with minor bruises, whiplash, or mild discomfort. If you didn’t have a severe injury, you might not need an attorney.
  • You Didn’t Require Specialist Medical Attention or Spend Heavily on Medical Bills: If your injury didn’t make you spend so much or see a specialist doctor, you might not need a lawyer.
  • You Attained Full Recovery in No Time: If you got back on your feet soon after the accident, your case might not require a lawyer.

These are the scenarios where it’s essential to secure the services of a lawyer:

  • You Don’t Know How Serious the Injury Is.

Maybe you’ve visited the hospital already and have taken some medication. However, the pain doesn’t go away, and the treatment doesn’t seem to work. If you’re in such a situation, you need an attorney.

Your lawyer will ensure that the insurance company pays the costs of seeing a specialist for a proper diagnosis. The insurer will also reimburse you for the money you spent on previous treatment.

  • The Injuries You Sustained Are Severe.

Once you notice that your injury is severe, call an attorney immediately. That’s because the costs of treatment will probably be too high for you alone. Also, the insurance company will want to escape liability. Only a lawyer will ensure that they don’t do that.

  • Medical Expenses Are Too High. 

You must call your lawyer if you find out that the medical bills are too much for you to foot. That’s regardless of how severe your injuries are.

  • The Insurance Company Refuses Liability. 

Insurance companies are smart and have many tricks up their sleeves to frustrate your claim. They may claim you’re the one at fault, or you didn’t report the case in time. They can also be dragging heels unreasonably. A lawyer will represent your interests in negotiations and force your insurer to be up and doing.


It’s not enough to call just about any attorney you see for your car accident case. You should be deliberate about who represents you, as the bulk of your claims’ success rests on them. For that reason, your lawyer should possess the following qualities:

  • Experience: Practice makes perfect, and this is true for many lawyers. While a qualified lawyer may know what to do, experience gives them an added advantage. Consider lawyers who have at least ten years of experience in dealing with car accident matters.
  • Specialization: Personal injury lawyers are the best types of attorneys to call for car accident claims. It’s better if they specifically deal in auto crash matters.
  • Free Consultation: The best lawyers care more about doing the right thing than making a profit. Hence, they’d offer you a free consultation in a location that is comfortable for you.
  • Passion: You must choose a lawyer who will listen to you patiently and is passionately invested in your case.


The car accident attorneys at Mike Bell Accident Injury Law are the best legal brains for your auto accident claims. They’re the perfect blend of experience, specialization, and passion. Start your journey to maximum compensation with our free consultation service now. We’d listen to you and make sure the insurance pays.

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