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Your Alabama Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

When an employer commits retaliation against an employee, it’s time to get help from an Alabama workers’ compensation lawyer right away. Retaliation happens when an employer takes antagonistic action against a worker because they utilized their right to file a workers’ compensation claim. Such adverse actions can range from threats, termination, physical harm, or verbal abuse. This behavior inflicted by employers is unlawful, and may be subject to civil and criminal penalties, since this offense can have such a drastic impact on that person’s ability to support themselves financially. If you believe that your employer has retaliated against you, we urge you to contact Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC promptly. We need to learn more about your situation and can intervene if needed. 

Workers’ Compensation Retaliation

One of the most common examples of employer retaliation is when they terminate an employee shortly after submitting a workers’ compensation claim. This in itself can be sufficient to be deemed retaliation, but there are less obvious signs of retaliation as well. It could be retaliation if your employer changes your shift to a less favorable schedule without any warning after you filed your claim. Likewise, if an employer enforces unwarranted disciplinary action against you for what seems like minor infractions shortly after submitting a comp claim, this could be motivated by retaliation. Other examples could be a reduction of hours unrelated to ability to work, poor performance reviews that do not match with actual performance, or dealing with negative comments about filing the claim. But retaliatory behavior is not limited to these examples only, so if you have a feeling your employer wants to punish you in some way for using workers’ compensation benefits, then contact our team today.

Penalties For Employer Retaliation

If employers are found guilty of employee retaliation, they could face severe penalties by law, such as higher liability for lost earnings, emotional distress, punitive damages, legal fees, and other relief as decidedly appropriate by the court. Victims could even be required to have their job reinstated if they wish to do so. Furthermore, employers could receive criminal penalties such as fines or imprisonment. You can trust that an Alabama workers’ compensation lawyer knows the gravity of the situation. We aim to obtain the most restitution possible for innocent workers who were wronged by a company they never imagined would commit retaliation against them. The entire ordeal can be financially and emotionally damaging. 

Protection From Our Team

If you sense that retaliation has happened to you, listen to this gut feeling and reach out to an Alabama workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as you can. It’s imperative that you have a legal team that can safeguard you from further unlawful adverse actions. Your employer should be held accountable for how their vengefulness affected you, especially during a time when you are probably recovering from a workplace injury accident. Contact Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, LLC for the protection you need. 

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