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What is my workers compensation claim worth?

Assessing the value of a workers compensation claim is not as simple as saying that your employer’s workers compensation owes you ‘X’ amount. Instead, you’ll need to go through and carefully value your claim and determine if a settlement is reasonable. To learn the full worth of your claim, you’ll need to assess your damages and your inconveniences. However, even when you have that full worth value in mind, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to recover it quickly.

When you’re seeking full compensation for an Alabama workers compensation claim, you might face more obstacles that other insurance claims. You’re actively fighting against an insurance company that has more importance on protecting their client, your employer, than you.


The only thing that employers are required to provide through workers compensation in Alabama is coverage for the medical bills. Unfortunate, what happens then is that you’re put in a situation where you can’t recover the lost time at work or other damages. However, in that same statute within Alabama, it outlines that the employer, through their insurance, must provide clear access to the recovery of 2/3rds of their time that is lost at work.

The time that an injured employee spends away from work isn’t’ a choice. It’s not that someone slips and falls at work on purpose in order to get a few days off work. That’s not how that works, but it is exactly how employers believe it happens. Then on the other end, is the unreachable workers compensation insurance provider, whispering their suspicions of fraud and theft. It’s a terrible situation, but it is the most common situation when someone is hurt at work.


When you’re looking at a possible workers compensation settlement, and that can happen in one lump sum or can push for smaller payments made over time. Alabama allows workers compensation to recur later if their future issues. Basically, the determining worth of your claim now may change, and you may need to file another claim for the same injury later.


If you receive a denial or a settlement that doesn’t cover the full value of your claim, you’ll need to start your fight. What often happens is that they will devalue your claim. They can accomplish this a few different ways, including arguing that your medical treatment wasn’t necessary, that your time spent away from work was excessive, or worse, that the claim is a fraud. The fraud suspicions and more make it nearly impossible to get fair handling of your claim.

However, you can request new appraisals from your workers compensation insurance, have a private investigation take place, and engage in settlement negotiations with an experienced works comp attorney. There’s also the opportunity to report the mishandling of your claim with the State of Alabama. The state does regulate insurance companies to ensure that they’re happening properly and going through in a way that benefits the victim more than it benefits the careless or negligent party.


Generally speaking, the lack of information is not fair to those involved. Alabama workers are often told that workers compensation will only cover medical expenses. They often believe that there’s no opportunity to recover the lost pay, the damages of the travel involved in their medical recovery, and more. That belief happens because of how the coverage of workers compensation insurance is explained through employers.

However, when these victims learn that they do have the opportunity to recover the value of:

  • Medical expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • 2/3rds of lost pay

These are the three elements that you need to calculate the full value of your workers’ compensation claim. However, only with a professional can you arrive at one solid dollar value.


The Mike Bell Firm is not the same as other law offices when it comes to workers compensation. Our workers comp lawyers will fight for the compensation for. Your medical bills, the mileage for travel for medical treatment, and the compensation for up to 66.66% of your average weekly pay. We’ll fight for everything that you need. It’s a result of far too many injured employees not having the ability to access resources and support necessary for full workers compensation recovery.

Starting out with an experienced law firm for your workers compensation claim can give you the advantage when it comes to doing battle against your employer’s insurance provider. Get in touch when you any type of workers compensation injury, call The Mike Bell Firm.

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